Gary Schwartz

Thank you for visiting my site.  I am an experienced B2B sales and marketing leader who's generated significant value for US and European based companies.  Having worked with disruptive technologies throughout my career, I am adept at translating features and technology into language that resonates with business people, and generating significant buzz around the brand.

I offer the following skill set and experience: 

  • Extensive SaaS marketing and sales experience, having worked for SaaS vendors from 2002 – 2011, at both Confirmit and Informative. Confirmit grew from $13M to $50M during my five years there.
  • Senior leadership roles, dating back consecutively to 2000 with bluparc. The size of my teams has grown steadily to the global 14-member marketing team I led at Infragistics, 6 of whom are direct reports. At Infragistics, I inherited a team in disarray, terminating staff as appropriate, keeping the top performers, and completely rebuilding the team within 6 months of my hire.
  • Success building a repeatable, scalable demand generation program that supports a global business, delivering increased conversion rates throughout the sales funnel, while reducing cost per lead.  At Infragistics I reversed a 5-year decline in lead generation, bringing lead levels to heights not seen since 2009. Click here to see the successes of the Infragistics Marketing Team.
  • Excellent writing and public speaking skills, including delivery of material for an IPO prospectus, which I wrote at Confirmit as we took the company public in December 2005 (the company has since been taken private).

Here you can see several examples of my work.  This includes articles I've published online, white papers and other reports, and multimedia artifacts that I've delivered.

You can see my professional experience, or download a copy of my resume.

Please feel free to contact me.

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